Product / Service Offered


  •  To establish a safe home for babies and pregnant women

  •  To support women throughout their pregnancy, and after care

  •  The program will aim to support the individual needs of each client offering the women opportunities to develop self esteem and living skills to equip them           to  live healthy whole lives – for example classes on the following:





               Child rearing



               Work experience


  •  To provide/advise the necessary professional services required by each client

  •  To inform and encourage people to be more open to discuss the issues unsupported pregnant women face.

  •  Yahweh House is a home with Christian values aiming to initially service the northern NSW and Sthn QLD region

  •  To provide  safe permanent home/s for babies that are surrendered by mothers - (stage 2)

Objects of the Organisation

  • To provide a loving home environment for pregnant women and girls who lack the accommodation and support they need to sustain their pregnancy

  • To provide women with ongoing short term support after birth of baby

  • To provide a permanent safe stable loving home for babies (stage 2)

  • To provide support for both white and indigenous women and babies without prejudice

  • To provide/refer all relevant professional support,  e.g. Counselling, living skills, money management, referrals

  • To provide appropriate information to women undecided in continuing their pregnancy

  • To work with other agencies in supporting these women

  • To raise sufficient funds to establish Yahweh House and an exit house for the women before they acquire their own home

  • To provide a soundly structured management of properties and monies

  • To provide opportunities for a wide range of voluntary involvement

Some Services available to help pregnant women


We will provide wrap around support. Giving Information of available services so that  women can make informed choices.   We have sought out many free services so as not to put financial pressure on the women or Yahweh House

Women's health centre Clinic  (07) 55874201  145, Level 1, 145 Wharf Street, Tweed Heads    https://nnswlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/about/community-health/tweed-heads-community-health/womens-health-clinic/

Pregnancy Help 1300 792 798  or  1300 777 777  24/7 Pregnancy Crisis Inc Brisbane   http://pregnancycrisis.com.au/

Tweed community health centre  (07) 55067840  Tweed Heads Hospital   https://nnswlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/about/community-health/tweed-heads-community-health 

Coastal midwives Pregnancy care centre  0408022122  33 corporation circuit Tweed heads South   https://www.coastalmidwives.com.au/

Tweed Community Mental Health Florence Street  (07) 55067370  TWEED HEADS https://nnswlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/about/mental-health-services-2/community-mental-health-services/

Antenatal (pregnancy care before birth)Tweed hospital  (07) 55067325  https://nnswlhd.health.nsw.gov.au/kids-families-health-services/pregnancy-birth-newborn-services/antenatal-pregnancy-care-birth/

Family Centre  (07) 55248711  1/14 Amber St South Tweed Heads   https://thefamilycentre.org.au/

Drugs in Pregnancy Service   (07) 55057010  Tweed Heads Hospital

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline   1800 882 436

Breastfeeding Helpline   1800 686 268

Women's  Legal Service   1800 801 501

Priceless House 07 3422 0643