Love Louder

I have a 4 year old son.
He giggles in his sleep.
He plays with Tupperware in the bathtub.
He picks me bouquets of dandelions and crab grass.
He pronounces hospital "hostable".
He tells me how much he misses me when I walk to the mailbox without him.
He was conceived in rape .

One of those things is not something you would know just by spending time with him.
One of those things doesn't matter at all.

Not to us anyway.
Not to him.

My son, who this week in the news and all over social media I've seen branded as "rapist's child", "monster's seed", "devil spawn", "rape baby" and "carrying the evil gene", doesn't know that his existence is polarizing. He's not aware that many politicians in his country believe in protecting the lives of unborn children...but not children like him.

People are so quick to throw out numbers, statistics, percentages. Less than 1%. That's what they say. Less than 1% percent of abortions are due to rape.
Here's another fact. I'm looking at a less than 1% right now. He holds 100% of my heart.

Babies are conceived in loveless marriages, through infidelity, on prom night in the backseats of family minivans. The "how" doesn't make them less deserving of protection. The intrinsic value of human life is not dependant on circumstances. If life matters- life matters.

This isn't about choice.
This is about recognizing the humanity of all unborn children.
Honoring life as sacred without moral relativism or ethical inconsistencies.
Without exceptions.
No compromise.

My 4 year old son..
His hands are always sticky.
He loves dinosaurs and superheroes.
His favorite thing to eat is toast.
He gives the best hugs.
He thinks knock knock jokes are hilarious.
He was conceived in rape.

One of those things doesn't matter.
One of those things doesn't matter at all.

Jennifer Christie