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Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daug



Yahweh House is not a program, but a group of people that want to help form a community around those who lack support and are at a vulnerable time of their life. 


We hope to form lifelong friendships with these women.  We continue to connect with them even when they are established in their own homes.  They often call us, sometimes just to chat or when they need help as we have become family to them.



Sarah was 8 weeks pregnant, very fragile and confused when I met her.  Her partner had left her and wanted her to have an abortion.  His mother wanted her to have an abortion too.  She was from overseas and her English was not 100 percent.

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Mark and Shelly were from overseas and on a student visa which didn’t cover pregnancy.  They wanted to have their baby but couldn’t see how they would be able to afford it especially with the hospital fees.  We helped them with ideas on how they could work things out.   They went through with the pregnancy, they got work, he got his masters degree, and we helped them with all the baby items they needed.

Kim was pregnant; she had a little boy already that had several health and emotional issues.  She was alone, her partner was in rehab  sorting out his issues, leaving her totally by herself, pregnant and with a child that needed a lot of support.  We came along side her and walked through her pregnancy with her.  Her partner graduated rehab and the family is restored and looking forward to a bright future together.

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Rebecca, left a DV situation knowing she was pregnant but later found out she was having twins and was financially broke, she moved in with a friend to be safe.  She contacted us and we supplied her with everything  she needed for the babies.




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Matha was homeless and had 2 children already in care.  She rang me the day the baby was due to see if we had room for her.  We welcomed her in and 2 days later she had her baby.  She was told that the baby would be taken from her and put in care due to the risk of her returning to her partner.  She left the hospital and came to Yahweh House with the baby. 


When those in authority saw she was safe at our place, they monitored her progress and saw that she was making right choices and positive changes in her life. Restoration is now a very real possibility of the other children.  Dad is working on his issues separately.

MELINDA came to us escaping a DV situation with a 3mth old baby and small infant.  We supported her through the initial emotional time of separation and after a few months helped her get established in her own home.

KENDRA was 32 and homeless.  She came to stay at Yahweh when she was 3 months pregnant.  

1 - 3 women are affected by Domestic Violence in Australia

Homelessness can be very scary for anyone especially a pregnant woman 



Karen’s mum was a 16 year old girl, forced into a loveless marriage to the president of a bikie gang because she was pregnant with Karen. Not only did her mother refuse to abort Karen but she married Karen’s father just so the government wouldn’t take her away and give her up for adoption.

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